Thursday, March 31, 2011


Now I promise you we did infact go to St. George although I have no pictures to prove it...I really dropped the ball on that one...Anywho, the end of february Colin and I got to go to St. George with my sissy and her two cute lil kids and my parentals. We were all sick with colds so we did less than we'd anticipated but it was still really nice and a little warmer than SLC.
The day after we got back I found my brand dream car and bought it! Its a new Equinox and exactly what I have been looking for and working for for the last year. I am proud of my purchase. Another big update is that my cute little man has glasses! I honestly was not too thrilled about this news at first. My brother wore glasses before 2 and I know he was always very self concious about it. we put on his glasses for the first time he looked down at the cracker he was eating and looked at me and said "mom, this crackers got holes in it" He is extremely far sided and has a lazy eye so he had no idea what he was really looking at. Needless to say he loves his glasses and has gotten ALOT of attention wearing them.
Well last thursday we went on a fun Hales family vacation. Colin drove down with me and Jacki while my in laws followed. We all stayed in the smallest dumpiest hotel ive ever been in the first night. My in laws in one double bed while the other 3 of us in the other double less than 18 inches away...Jacki and I did not at all. Luckily we had anticipated this and had decided we wanted a FULL vegas experience and had booked a room on the strip at the Luxor. So the next day we checked in their. We had so much fun. Here are some pics I got of us at the hoover dam and then Jacki and I just doing our typical thing!


Tiff@ny said...

His little glasses are so stinking cute!!! Looks like you guys had some fun! =)

Jinksfam said...

Colin's glasses are SOOoooo cute. What a little stud! It looks like you guys had a blast on your vacation. I LOVE VEGAS! Oh and by the way I am a tiny bit jealous of your CUTE zebra shoes!!!

Shana Smith said...

Ellie, you are a model, look at those pictures.. Vogue vogue vogue!! Gorgeous! Colin is so handsome, I love him in his little glasses, they are too cute. Sounds like Vegas was a lot of fun, and St. George is always a good time! I LOOOVVVEE your shoes, I really really love your shoes. I want them!!!